Available building Lots

James Ray Construction has options

If you are unsure of where you want to start or don’t have land already, we have available lots within numerous subdivisions located in Southern Idaho. With so many options to choose from, your dream home is a possibility!

City Lots

Ridge Line Subdivision – Kimberly
Lot 17 on Trapper Peak Rd.

Ballard’s Way Subdivision – Kimberly

Preserve Subdivision – Twin Falls
Lot 15 Block 1 on Lagoon Lane backs up to Eastland Lots 27 and 29 Block 1 on Tule Dr.

Northern Passage Subdivision – Twin Falls
Lot 20 on Caribel St.

Eastern Sun Subdivision – Twin Falls
Lot 14 Block 2

Morning Sun Subdivision – Twin Falls
Lot 5 Block 7, $120,000. Lot 14 Block 7, $110,000.

Acre Lots

Eastern Sky Subdivision, Phase 2 – Kimberly
1 acre lots

Curry Crossroads Subdivision – Filer
Lot 4 on Brooke Ave. N

Elk Horn Subdivision – Twin Falls

Twin Falls Heights – Twin Falls
5 acre lots

Silver Sky Subd. – Jerome
1 acre lots

Laurelwood Subd. – Twin Falls
Lot 7 Block 1

New Haven Subd. – Kimberly
2 available building lots


Build Anywhere

If you already have that perfect piece of land, you can “build anywhere” and experience the peace of mind that comes with a James Ray home. Our skilled team can help you with permitting, site, and other issues that may arise.

Choose from many available plans, or enjoy the flexibility of having our architect customize a plan to your family’s needs. Building on your land with James Ray Construction can help you get more value out of your real estate investment.

Interested in more details? Contact us today!