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At James Ray Construction, we embody the essence of a homegrown business with roots running deep into the heart of the Magic Valley.

Our founder, James Ray, grew up in Filer, Idaho, with an enduring passion for the construction industry that has spanned almost 40 years!

His journey began in the rustic terrains of Alaska, where he learned the art of drywall during his high school summers. By nineteen, James was ready to venture out on his own and founded James Ray Drywall. His initial foray into home building began 31 years ago in the picturesque locale of Anchorage, Alaska, However, the call of home and family was strong, leading him back to Twin Falls, Idaho where he started James Ray Construction. 

James Ray Construction isn’t just a brand; it’s a testament to James’s unwavering commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Our growth over the years is a narrative of hard-earned trust and robust community relationships, eloquently voiced by the numerous referrals from our happy clients. Our custom homes are more than just structures; they are the epitome of reliability and professional craftsmanship, nurtured by reputable contractors who share James’s vision of excellence.

The foundation of James Ray Construction extends beyond the construction sites and into the warm embrace of family.

James, alongside his wife Victoria and their three wonderful children, Dakota, Bailey, and Sailor, cherishes the simple joys of life, be it camping under the stars, fishing in the serene waters, or enjoying a game of golf. Their love for the outdoors and a strong community bond are reflected in the ethos of James Ray Construction, making us more than just home builders.

Keeping in the tradition of a family-run business, Dakota and Bailey took over James Ray Construction in 2023!


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From a young age, Dakota knew he wanted to work in the family business. During high school, he spent his summers drywalling imitating his father. After graduating, Dakota spent two years continuing to learn the different trades in the homebuilding process. Starting with concrete, Dakota became knowledgeable in foundations and flatwork. Next, he learned the art of framing, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, trim-work, and painting. Once he was proficient in these areas, Dakota came on board for James Ray Construction as a project manager. For 7 years, he scheduled and organized jobs from start to finish. His current role starting in 2023 is managing the company to ensure our clients, from beginning to end, get the James Ray building experience.


Bailey graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelors in Business Marketing. She then furthered her experience working in design of luxury homes in Bozeman, Montana before returning to Twin Falls to join the family business. Bailey excels at taking a client’s dreams and implementing them into the design of the home, down to the smallest details. Her goals in every home build is to exceed expectations through communication, disciplined organization, and making your vision a reality.